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Art of Ancient Rome:
Rome’s art, after having suffered Italian and Etruscan influences, (decoration of the Giove Capitolino Temple, Lupa bronzea dei Musei Capitiloni (bronzes) since the 4th Century BC, assumed peculiar characteristics after the conquest of the Magna Grecia (Greater Greece) and the progressive assimilation of Greek and Ellenistic art. The geometric-decorative solutions with Greek derivations happily completed the realistic tendencies originally from Latina, inspired above all for religious reasons (learned from ancestors) and civilizations (esaltazione della gens) obvious in portraits of the imagines maiorum (Roman ancestral masks of deceased family members) and in the decoration of the temples (fregio della Basilica Emilia – embellishment on the Cathedral).

The Ellenistic style was imposed during the Silla age (88-80 BC): the monumentality of the temples and the pictorial portrait techniques (Pompeo, Cicerone) offer examples of the most significant of these tendencies. In the architectonic field, two innovative and original factors are also recorded with respect to the Greek solutions: the introduction of brick for use in construction, the use of dell’arco a tutto sesto (rounded arch shape) and the vaults (Tabularium sul Campidoglio). The fusion between realism and ellenism offers significant examples of a search for equilibrium between traditions and innovations (Frieze of Ara by Domizio Enobarbo).

During the Augustea era (42 BC-14 AD) the full assimilation of Attici solutions favoured the rise of a classical conception, well testified by the Ara Pacis Augustae (13-9 BC) where landscape, Ellenistic orientation (floral decorations) and realistic (figures from the Imperial Court) reliefs were added to the linear forms; in the search of that characteristic, sober equilibrium of the Attica production.
The artistic renewal also touched civil architecture (Augusto’s forum), that of public utilities (aqueducts, bridges, warehouses, fortifications, thermal baths, markets), painting (paintings in the house of Livia a Primaporta, reconstructed today in the National Roman Museum), the production of ornamental objects (silver ware, Cameos of Dioscuride) and extended to the provinces for all of the I AD (Giulio-Claudia and Flavia dynasty).

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