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Seminario Vescovile (Bishops Seminary) – San Nicolò:
is annexed to the stupendous gothic church – one of the best Italian examples of this style of architecture – dedicated to S. Nicolò, there’s the ex Dominican convent, transformed in the seat of the Bishops Seminary by decree of Pope Gregory 16th (1832/46). The structure of the convent is made up of various architectural parts positioned around two huge cloisters. The first cloister faces the Dominican Sala del Capitolo, Roman architecture (evidenced by the doorway, the windows and traces of frescoes with the Crucifixion) and contains internal frescoes by Tommaso da Modena dating back to 1352. The frescoe is sub-divided into 40 pictures, each one of them “depicting” a portrait of a Dominican monk in his small study, intent on reading. The state of its preservation is very good, even though it’s in need of a good clean. There are perfect scenes of quality of colour, attention to every single particular (the pencils, lines, books, crayons and the first representation in Italian art of reading glasses), and characterization of faces. Around mid 2005, restoration works should have commenced to preserve it, so it’s possible that the room will not be open to the public.

Museo Bailo:

can be found in Via Cavour. It’s temporarily closed to the public due to restoration works and however, part of the collection will be replaced in the new seat in the ex Convent of Saint Catherine. It’s a very rich museum which exists since 1851, and includes an important archaeological section (with Celtic, Roman and Paleo-Veneto sections) as well as a rich Art Gallery with precious works done between the 14th and end of the 19th Centuries, with particular regard to 16th Century paintings from the Veneto area. It also contains an art section from the 20th Century (Communal Gallery of Modern Art) with works by Arturo Martini, Gino Rossi, Juti Ravenna and Toni Benetton.

Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra (Diocesan Museum and Sacred Art):

is housed in the complex called Canoniche Vecchie (Old Canonicals) behind the Cathedral’s apsides, amongst medieval architectonical structures. It was instituted in 1988 and has recently been re-organized. The route is complex due to the fact it crosses various historical stratifications, on diverse levels of the construction phases of the Cathedral and the Canonicals themselves: a characteristic which makes the visit very unusual and unique in its genre. The sacred objects and preserved parchments are notable for quality and historical importance and include the great silver statue (1636) of San Liberale, the patron saint of the City.

Complesso Museale di Santa Caterina (Museum Complex of Saint Catherine):
is in completion phase. The church and the great convent will become the new seat of the museums of Treviso, therefore lightening the load of the historical seat of the Bailo Museum in Via Cavour and giving more space to exhibitions and breathing space to the works. In this way too, the Salce Collection will find a dignified exhibition space: here, we’re talking about one of the most important European collections of publicity posters which numbers more than 25,000 examples.

Ca’ da Noal – Museo della Casa Trevigiana:
is located in Via Canova, in the interior of a notable late gothic piece of architecture. Here, many of the original sculptures or reliefs which adorned various points of the City and in time were substituted by copies for reasons of conservation can be found. The collection is composed also of ancient iron works, terracotta, together with furniture, ceramics and cloths from the era. This is a true and proper museum of applied art.



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